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About Us

We’d like to introduce ourselves to you as

Namdeal - Buy and Sell Namibia CC.

Nice to meet you!


Our goal is simple...


to host a safe and convenient way for Namibians to buy and sell virtually anything online.



A clear Vision...


As the emarging number one online marketplace in Namibia, we want to offer Namibians the best possible experience when dealing with fellow Namibians online. 


How do we get there...


Namdeal is offering you the following:


Classified Ad types

Safety features

Sharing your Classified Ads to the World

Choose between a Personal and Business profile

Bidding on Ads

Choose between a public or private Ad (coming soon!)


Search function

Suggestion Box


Classified Ads



Free Ads

Urgent Ads

Premium Ads



Days active


7 Days 

Remains active under Free Ads until Ad age reaches 30 Days

7, 14, or 30 Days

Remains active under Free Ads until Ad age reaches 30 Days







7 Days – N$ 99.00
14 Days – N$ 179.00
30 Days – N$ 299.00



Latest Ads section

Urgent Slider on top of the Namdeal homepage

Premium Slider on top of the Namdeal homepage


Email notifications


Yes, immediately or once a Week

Yes, immediately or once a Week


Push notification to other users





Social Media sharing





PDF export






Safety features


Identity Verification

Trust goes both ways. Verify yourself and show other buyers or sellers that you are who you say you are

Reviews and Ratings 

Leave a review or leave a rating and let others know how your interaction with the other party went

Report an Ad

is an Ad suspicious or goes against the community guidelines? Use the Report Ad feature and we will look into it


Share your Ad


Sharing on Social Media

Post your Ad on your favourite social Media platform of your choice

Sharing the QR Code

share your Ad QR code for others to conveniently find your Ad online


Choose between a personal or corporate account


Accounts are color coded - Orange for personal accounts, and blue for corporate accounts